We will have the pleasure to have the following invited speakers, who will share their latest findings in their talks with Q&A sessions.

Speaker Title 
Sabine Thürauf, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE) Wearables for (Tele-)Manipulation of Different Robotic Systems 
Gionata Salvietti, University of Siena (IT) The Role of Haptics in Robotic Sensorimotor Augmentation
Lorenzo Masia, Heidelberg University (DE) Using Exosuits and AI for improving human performance 
John Chiodini, Delsys Incorporated (USA) Confirmed; title to be defined 
Minas Liarokapis, University of Auckland (NZ) A New Class of Muscle Machine Interfaces based on Lightmyography 
Marcia O’Malley, Rice University (US) Enhancing Human-Robot Interaction with Wearable Haptics 
Alessandro Del Vecchio, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE) High-Performance Motor Unit-Computer Interface to Regain Motor Function in Humans with Paralysis 
Gordon Cheng, Technical University of Munich (DE) Brain-Robot-Interfaces to Enhance Human-Robot Collaborations